Date Description Download
17-02-2018 Regarding impliment EBC scholarship offline up to date 28.02.2018
16-02-2018 Regarding process of new registration of college name on national scholarship portal duration of 2018-19 up to date 31.03.2018
15-02-2018 Salary Bill Submission of Feb 18
15-02-2018 Related guidline to student by Resp. Narendra Modi Prime Minister date on 16.02.2018
15-02-2018 GR related to fees
15-02-2018 GR related to Scholarship
08-02-2018 Offline scholarship of state minority
02-02-2018 GPF camp organized
01-02-2018 GPF-RA,NRA, Final withdrawal orders
01-02-2018 Post information